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MUST WATCH: This Is The Most IMPORTANT & POWERFUL Ice Bucket Challenge Video You’ll See


Make no mistake, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has been a MASSIVE success. ALS has the spotlight, and the people who have partaken in the challenge run the gambit from Presidents to singers to you and I.

But this one … Read More

Rapping Family Is BACK With A New Back-To-School Video!


You may remember this family, they filmed a “Christmas Jammies” rap video that was internet GOLD.

Well they’re BACK!

This time it’s a back-to-school rap that you will be blasting when you take the kids back this September.

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Someone Just Walked Back Into This Boys Life And He Couldn’t Hold Back The Tears!


The children of soldiers bear an incredible burden. A heavy weight on tiny shoulders.

We pray God always is with them.

For moments like this are too precious not to share!

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The New Apple Ad Featuring Robin Williams Is Nothing Short Of AMAZING


The voice is Mr. Keating From Dead Poets Society. The images are the wonders of the world.

So….what will your verse be?!

Watch this ad, and have your heart filled with the joy and wonder Mr. Williams brought us … Read More

See Mom’s Reaction, Son Buys His Mom Her Dream Car


When she cleaned houses for a living a man owned a 1973 Saab 99 EMS and would let her drive it from time to time. She fell in love with this car and always told her son about the joy of … Read More

Jimmy Fallon’s Tearful Tribute To Robin Williams Is A MUST WATCH


Everyone is still shook up from the passing of Robin Williams and all the late night comics took time out to salute him.

None seemed more shook up than Jimmy Fallon who faught back tears the whole time.

Watch his … Read More

This Dog Trying To Save A Fish Out Of Water Can Teach Humanity A Thing Or Two


Dogs are the most selfless creatures alive and humans could learn a thing or two from them.

Just watch this cute pup try to save these fish out of water.

He is genuinely concerned about saving them and it’s … Read More

Robin Williams Gave Back So Much, Especially To Our Troops


Robin Williams gave us laughs, tears, inspiration and endless entertainment.

But behind the scenes he gave so much more to our troops overseas. He connected with them and they never forgot it.

Watch this amazing report on an amazing … Read More

Conan O’Brian Learns Of Robin Williams’ Death While Filming Episode & Reflects All Of Our Feelings


Conan O’Brien found out of Robin William’s death while filming an episode of his show alongside 2 others who worked with comedic legend: Will Arnett and Andy Richter.

What Conan and the others said following that moment summed up … Read More

Thank You To Our Troops Doesn’t Often Seem Like Enough So Some Students Did THIS!


“God Gave Me You” is a GREAT song, but this tribute to our troops is even better!

It was great to see the whole school get involved too!

Check it out and pass it along.

‘God Gave Me You’ … Read More